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ProShine Flat Free Tyre Protector


Several weeks ago I had seen Flat Free Tyre Enhancer advertised on a TV Shopping Channel and thought it looked rather good, although I did not purchase it at the time.

After discovering that I had a flat car tyre a couple of weeks ago, and not seeing a puncture in the sidewall, I decided to give Flat Free Tyre Enhancer a go. I was a little sceptical about the claims of the product but for approximately the same price as getting a puncture repair at a garage, I could add Flat Free to all four tyres. The product claims to last for the life of each tyre and could therefore protect my car tyres from future tread area punctures that are less than ??.

The included tool made it easy to remove the core valve and put it back. The instructions were straightforward to follow and it did not take too long to add Flat Free to all four tyres.

I recommend that you use a compressor to speed up the inflation of each tyre after adding Flat Free.

The Flat Free manual (www.flatfree.com select ?Flat Free Manual? then ?Product Information?, then click on ?view it now? and then on ?Flat Free Reference Manual?) states that the vehicle should be driven for at least 10 miles to disperse Flat Free throughout the inner treaded area of each tyre. It also states that you may sense a slight vibration whilst the product is dispersing in the initial few miles of driving after installation. However, I did not notice this.

I have driven my car a few times since installing Flat Free. The tyre that had the puncture appears to be fixed as it has not gone flat but appears to be holding the correct pressure. For roughly ?5 a tyre it is well worth adding Flat Free Tyre Enhancer to your tyres. It basically gives you peace of mind and saves you both time and money; as you know that the product will repair any future tread punctures that are up to ?? for the life of each tyre.

Netparts offers the product at a great price and the level of service is superb.

I give the product 5/5.
Date Added: 22/08/2006 by Colin Davis
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