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ProShine Micro Fibre Cloth (38cm x 38cm)


I had seen micro fibre cloths before and bought one to help with the household dusting (anything for an easier life and my mother refuses to come and clean my house for me!)

Used dry, micro fibre cloths pick up dust and dirt. Used damp, and you can clean mirrors and glass without having to use glass cleaners. My one cloth cost me ?9. I wish I had seen this deal first because you can't go wrong at this price.

My advice is to keep one in the car for the interior, keep one for when you are washing the car (great for drying) and one in the house for dusting... unless you can convince your mother to clean for you (although if you are feeling generous you could let her use one)!
Date Added: 11/02/2006 by Adam Rutland
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