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ProShine Spray & Shine - Waterless Wash & Wax


Every Sunday I talk to my brother, who lives several hundred miles from me, and periodicly he tells me how he has just cleaned the car (Jag something or another) and how it looks like it's just come out of the showroom and how he has done all this with minimum effort and no water. Yeah get on! Then he tells me that it comes from somewher up my way (I live in Suffolk)hethen gives me the web site address. One Sunday I actually write the web site address down fo the first time and after we end our chat I call up the web site and read on still a bit sceptical so I simply log it in as a favorite, not sure what I will do about it. Several weeks later when I'm clearing of junk of my PC i see spray and shine so I log on have a look see and decide to order a few bits. soon after there arrival I decide like Deliah, Lets be aving you! Wow Fantastic, neighbors look on in amazement at my new car! Then I tackle the Caravan phew incredible (bet it will slide through the air as I tow and I will probably get an extra mile to the litre), so now I take my Spray and Shine on holiday with me and whilst other caravan owner get out the bucket and sponge I get out my S&S they also are amazed how qiuck I clean and the results. So it took me about a year to follow my brothers advice, that will teach me.

How do I rate the product not just GOOD but FANTASTIC.
Date Added: 03/05/2011 by John Hickmott
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