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ProShine Spray & Shine - Waterless Wash & Wax


Right..... I am the worlds worst cynic. If I'm at a show and you tell me the sky's blue, I'll go outside to check. I'm also the editor of a car club magazine, so I look at lots of stuff to see if it is any good.

I bought 2 bottles of Pro-Shine at the Classic Motor Show at the NEC. We've got 3 cars - a Triumph TR6, a Triumph 2000 and a VW Sharan. The TR is in good condition and shiny; the 2000 is a rare, original and unrestored car with mostly the original Triumph paint from 1972 and the Sharan is the family runabout - gets cleaned when it goes for an MOT and when we feel it is so dirty it is an embarrassment!

The Triumph 2000 has got a little dull. I cleaned the paintwork with some Farecla and a mop and polished it with Meguir's polish - this being my product of choice at the moment. I've gone through Mer, Autoglym and the stuff that looks and smells like "Windolene". We took the car to the Triumph Show at Stoneleigh and used Pro-Shine to clean and polish it. I have to say it is better than anything I have ever used. The car is still shining a month later.

Yesterday, I cleaned the TR, ready for the weekend. Washed with hot water and leathered it off. Polished with Meguir's technowax. There is a **lot** of wax on this car (I am a secret polisher!). Unhappy with the finish, very smeary and I couldn't polish it out, even though the paintwork was cool and it was an overcast day. On the basis that I had nothing to loose, I used Pro-Shine just as a polish. The car looks absolutely stunning.

So I cleaned and polished the Sharan as well. I have never seen it looking so clean and shiny.

I'd bought my 2 bottles to carry with me for shows and to take on car holidays (I said I was a poisher). I think I'll use it all the time.

Seriously impressed!
Date Added: 18/04/2011 by Kevin Warrington
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