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ProShine Spray & Shine - Waterless Wash & Wax




For many reasons a once beautiful 1930's Rolls Royce has sat in the garage/coal shed for seven years, unloved and uncovered. As the coal dust was black, it didn't look bad (or so we thought!) we thought it would cost a fortune to get it cleaned, so, ......we ignored it!!

As a half hearted effort, I decided to purchase and try your Spray and Shine,...... Thinking here goes Nothing!

This stuff is INCREDIBLE!!
After two hours of spraying and wiping (in hot sun) the car looks MAGNIFICENT!!
It looks as good, if not BETTER than when my father spent all day on it with all manner of different products. This would have saved him so much TIME and MONEY!

When mum saw it restored to its former glory, she nearly cried! And I'd forgotten the car ws so black, the paintwork looks NEW!

Your product has increased the value of the car considerably, and we can now consider selling the car in a more worthy state!

So a VERY BIG THANKYOU Spray and Shine! This has been the best ?14.99 EVER spent!! This product is AMAZING!!!!

(And I still have a third left!)
Date Added: 22/08/2008 by Sue Houghton
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