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ProShine Spray & Shine - Waterless Wash & Wax


I bought Spray and Shine a few weeks back on recommendation of my neighbour. Although eager to try it out I just didn't get around to trying it until Sunday. I was driving back home and decided to stop at a car park for a short break. Now I haven't washed my car for weeks, and it was about as bad as it can get...filthy. I just haven't spared the time. Having rested a short while I thought I would just try it out on the car roof...just to satisfy my curiosity.

I ended up cleaning the whole car!!! It really was that easy. I told myself that in the state the car was in I couldn't expect too much, but I was truly amazed. We have all seen those cleaning products on TV where they tell you to just wipe on and then wipe off but nothing is ever that easy... especially polish. You always have to work it in to get rid of all those smears. Not so with your product! It really was wipe on and wipe off. And I did it all in the car park!!!

If only there was a house cleaning fluid that worked this well!!

Also I used your cooling system fluid to successfully plug a leak.

Thanks for some great products
Date Added: 23/04/2007 by PETER CREW
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