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ProShine Spray & Shine - Waterless Wash & Wax


Absolutely brilliant very rarely do i write a good review for a product i've purchased, i'm very hard to please. However this spray and shine is the dogs Bk's I was so impressed how well it polished my moter, i decided to try it on our lorries, i run a removal company and trying to keep these trucks clean is a nightmare. But yesterday was a quiet day, so i got the removal crew on a cleaning spree. The results were outstanding, our trucks haven't looked so good sinse purchased. In addition i used the spray and shine to clean all the warehouse and office windows, including the frames and upvc doors. As i had only purchased a few microfiber cloths, our secretary was charged with cleaning the cloths, drying them on radiators for re-use. We even polished the forklift truck we were so impressed. We managed to use a 32oz bottle in 6 hours, but you wouldn,t believe how much we cleaned, In fact what i planned for 2 days work for 4 men was completed in 6 hours, and with far better results. If you run a business with vehicles this stuff is an essential. I had great reservations with regard to the hype with this product. But i would personally recommend this product to anyone.
Date Added: 08/01/2007 by lynn anderson
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