ProShine Micro Fibre Cloth (38cm x 38cm)

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You may have seen these in your local DIY shop and elsewhere but not at these UNBEATABLE prices! and with netparts unique Money back guarantee - if not entirely satisfied we will refund the full purchase cost!!

These heavy duty microfibre cloths have thousands of ultra fine fibres that provide the most amazing cleaning power ever, allowing you to clean just about anything in a matter of seconds without the need for any expensive or dangerous chemicals.

Excellent for all surfaces including stainless steel, glass, tiles, granite, chrome, laminate, wood.

They can be used dry to clean and shine absorbing all dust particles without the need for polish, or used damp to remove dirt, grease and grime with a single wipe.

To get the best performance when cleaning glass, mirrors and other shiny surfaces; use a damp cloth to clean the surface followed by a dry cloth to dry the surface for an effortless smear free clean!

They are machine washable and will work like new even after frequent washes.

Excellent for around the house. You will wonder how you ever managed, excellent for all surfaces including stainless steel, glass, tiles, granite, chrome, laminate, wood, television and computer screens, even leather furniture.

They do exactly what it says on the packet and work equally as well as the expensive ones stocked by a national store. Excellent value.

“Forget yellow dusters! These micro fibre cloths are the best. Buff off your wax/polish with one of these for a real professional shine and so easy to clean - just put them in the washing machine (no fabric softner though)."

“After years of searching for an efficient window/mirror cleaner at last you have come up with the goods.”

“The micro fibre cloths did the job exactly as you said they would”

“These miracle cloths sure do live up to their name! surely there cant be any better way to clean such a multitude of surfaces!! GREAT!!”

“You can clean and dry your car in minutes, without the use of cleaning chemicals, the cloths are a miracle on windows, and they save you money as you can use them over and over again!”

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