ProShine EZ-Clean Fabric & Upholstery Cleaner


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ProShine - The Brand You Can Trust

ProShine EZ-Clean is a non-foaming powerful stain remover that eliminates even the most stubborn stains

EZ-Clean is a revolutionary formula, that brings fabric cleaning into the 21st century.

EZ-Clean is a unique, highly concentrated formulation designed for the optimum cleaning of virtually all types of fabrics including carpet, wool, curtains, upholstery, leather, and many more, in fact just about any type of fabrics (except suede).

Contains both optical brighteners and powerful emulsifiers to maximize cleaning whilst ensuring zero-foaming and quick drying time.

Will effectively remove oil, grease, coffee, soot, mustard, mascara, orange juice, chocolate, mud, ketchup, cola, red wine, etc

Combine with our Micro Fibre Cloths for the ultimate cleaning power!

EZ-Clean - The Ultimate Stain Destroyer

"Got a Stain? Just EZ-Clean it. Job Done!!"

"EZ-Clean is the best cleaner out there on the market for us valeters..Used it today on a job it saved me a lot of time just spray & wipe..PERFECT..I already use your spray & shine...I have now sold my van because i have been converted to waterless so no need to carry water around any more.I now do all my valeting out of a Renault scenic, saving me cost ie tax,insurance,running cost etc for van .The customer today was shock how clean her seats were,Her car was a old pug 306,which was not cleaned for years.So once again many thanks."

750ml Bottle

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