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First we brought you Instant Spare, now we go one better by bringing you the MUST HAVE revolutionary new FLAT FREE Tyre Protector

FLAT FREE is a chemical solution that once installed inside your tyres is designed to provide full protection against punctures for the FULL legal life of the tyre!

FLAT FREE is designed to:

* Protect Tyres Against Punctures
* Extend the Life of your Tyres
* Maintain Air Pressure, Improving Fuel Economy
* Improve Safety.

No spare wheel? FLAT FREE is definately for you!

FLAT FREE has a revolutionary chemical structure that causes it to remain fluid, so that it will immediately fill and seal any hole (up to 1/4”) in the tread area as soon as it occurs.

It is like an insurance policy for your tyres, simply install FLAT FREE in all your tyres and say goodbye to punctures, just think a single punctured tyre could cost you well over £100 to replace.

FLAT FREE tyre life enhancer gives you the benefit of much longer tyre life, lower maintenance costs, correct air pressures, better fuel economy, improved safety for you and your family, all of which add up to increased peace of mind and huge £££ savings!

Installation is easy, all you need is the correct quantity of FLAT FREE (see below), the valve core remover (included free with each purchase), and of course a source of air to re-inflate your tyre.

We do not recommend Flat Free for use in very low profile tyres (those with an aspect ratio 45 or below; a tyre marked 270/40ZR20 has an aspect ratio of 40).

Installation Amounts Per Tyre

Tyre Size Amount to Install
175/65 R14 8 oz (Auto)
185/65 R14 8 oz (Auto)
205/50 R17 10 oz (Auto)
205/55 R16 10 oz (Auto)
205/60 R15 10 oz (Auto)
255/60 R18 12 oz (Auto)
Caravans 8 oz (Auto)
Motorcycles 8 oz (Bike)
Bicycles 4 oz (Bike)

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Bike and Auto FLAT FREE are different and should NOT be mixed, please ensure you order the correct type.

Tyres must be balanced prior to FLAT FREE installation.

Please note Flat Free is designed to seal punctures only in the tread area as they occur. Although we have heard of Flat Free being used to successfully repair punctures already present we do not actually sell it as a puncture repair product. Also due to the random nature of punctures we cannot guarantee that Flat Free will successfully seal each and every puncture.

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